10 best minor British sitcom characters


The main characters in any sitcom are there to direct the humor and carry the story, with their backstories and personalities more detailed than those of the supporting cast.

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However, the supporting characters have to be just as good to make the show better. UK sitcoms have a wide range of supporting roles, which, although minor, are still recognized with high regard and recognized as an integral part of the programs of which they are a part. With their quirks and individual idiosyncrasies, UK sitcoms wouldn’t be as successful as they are without the cast as a whole.


Gavin and Stacey


Loving photo of Dawn and Peter from Gavin and Stacey

It is not just two families who reunite by the marriage of Gavin and Stacey, but a whole host of family friends who are brought in as well. Close friends of Gavin’s parents Dawn and Pete make sporadic appearances throughout the series and their scenes are always worth it. Dawn’s skinny nature is the source of much frustration for her husband Pete, but her dramatic outbursts are a gem among the show’s funniest moments.

Peter Kay Car Sharing


John, Kayleigh & Ray share a drive in Peter Kay's car

The wide range of settings for UK sitcoms ranges from hotels to schools. Both are places where a lot of nonsense and comedic crashes can happen, with expressive physicality. Having almost an entire series in a car has its limitations and challenges, but the high level of play makes Peter Kay Car Sharing works as well as any other series. As the unique character of the first series, Ray is an unwelcome (and obviously smelly) passenger to John and Kayleigh. Played by Reece Shearsmith, the character can be irritating, but his take on “Here Comes The Hotstepper” is enough to make him one of the most memorable characters on the show.


To M

Derek's casting in the retirement home

Derek revolves around a nursing home for the elderly, run by Hannah. As an assistant at the care home, Derek takes care and shows incredible kindness to the residents. While the vibe of each scene is primarily conveyed by the main characters, supporting characters like Tom intensify the emotions, to give audiences a real sense of how it feels. As Hannah’s boyfriend, he was good at portraying the effects of Hannah’s work on their relationship and how life in the care home can be overwhelming.

The vicar of Dibley


vicar of dibley cast

The parish council of The vicar of Dibley is run by a colorful group of people with bizarre quirks. Jim Trott is a classic example of eccentric characters, who aren’t necessarily always on screen, but it’s always a joy when they are. As one of the oldest gentlemen on the parish council, he has a very distinctive trait. In almost every instance that Jim speaks, he stammers “no, no, no, no” first, even if he means yes. A simple yet effective idiosyncrasy, which made a smaller character stand out.

The Royle family


Saying you don’t love your in-laws is a common joke in British humor and The Royle family ran with. Sloppy Jim Royle basks in nothing more than changing TV channels, while his kind wife Barbara works hard to keep his family happy.

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When his mother Norma visits him, Jim is overjoyed to wind her up, and their love-hate relationship always results in moments of laughter. Liz Smith takes on the role of Norma so brilliantly, she feels like the grandmother of almost every household in Britain, with a gentle demeanor and a sense of humor that only grandparents can. draw.

I am Alan Partridge


Sophie smiles at Ben in I'm Alan Partridge

Of course, the main characters have to have good comedic timing in any comedy. But, the reactions of other characters can often add to the already funny joke. Alan Partridge is absurdly delusional and lived for a time in the Linton Travel Tavern. He tried to put his broadcasting career back on track, which he was clearly unable to do. While at the hotel (which features some of the best episodes of I am Alan Partridge,) we could see the receptionist Sophie avoiding him or trying not to laugh at his ridicule. Often times, watching someone try to suppress their laughter only increases an audience’s laughter.

Only fools and horses


Trigger distant gazes at fools and horses only

You’d be hard pressed to find a British household that doesn’t recognize the names Del-boy and Rodney. The two fictional characters are renowned for their humorous antics of wheel merchants in and around London. But the characters you often found in their local pub or Sid’s cafe were just as funny. Del-boy’s longtime friend Trigger is vital to the Only fools and horses reconcile. Her innocent stupidity is viewed fondly, each of her appearances giving a classic moment, including blinking, for a star disappearing and reappearing.

The United Kingdom Office


Jennifer looks bored with David in the UK office

David Brent works with a variety of different people at Wernham Hogg. A few, like Tim and Dawn, don’t take his leadership too seriously, while others, like Gareth, cling to every squeaky (but hilarious) word from David and adhere to his bravado. But, the rarely seen Jennifer Taylor-Clarke (David’s boss) is an intimidating figure.

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David’s relentlessly ridiculous opposing personality is great for emphasizing his unprofessional character, but is also a very watchable character in his own right. Anytime Jennifer is in a scene, it’s clear that something a little more dramatic has to happen.

People do nothing

Steve’s Nan

Steves and Steves Nan hugging into people do nothing.

The false documentary People do nothing Much of the focus is on pirate radio Kurupt FM and its creators. However, there is also a family and friends subplot, where the show gives a little glimpse into the family lives of each of the main characters. Steve is the sweetest character but a relentless drug user. His bad habit that comes with a host of negative connotations doesn’t reflect his straightforward personality. The series also sees him visiting his Nan in his care home, and it quickly becomes clear where his drug addiction is coming from, as his nan encourages him. Seeing a warm, caring grandparent introduce drugs to his grandson is sure to come as a shock, but his caring ways make him one of the most intriguing minor characters on the cast list, along with some of the People do nothingthe funniest quotes.



Stephen Merchant as Darren in Extras

As creators of OfficeIt’s no surprise that Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are as masterful onscreen as they are off. Gervais takes the lead role in Supplements, while Merchant plays a smaller role of inane acting agent. Andy (Ricky Gervais) tries to run his stagnant acting career while Darren (Stephen Merchant) has no idea what he’s doing. Merchant’s physique along with his acting ability allows him to perfectly portray the character, who is stupidly hilarious and produces some of the funniest scenes in Supplements.

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