10 Great TV Shows Most People Don’t Know About, According to Reddit

While season 3 should drop at the end of 2022, Apple + mythical quest has all the ingredients to make a popular show, including an extraordinary premise and a renowned production team while streaming on a prestigious service. However, mythical quest is a show that has flown under the radar despite its multiple seasons and rave reviews.

Audience feedback and subjectivity sets the pattern for popular shows among the masses, as viewers have the loudest voices, which determines whether a show is worth watching. Even if a show lacks proper elements such as spellbinding special effects or top-notch actors, there are a few underrated shows that deserve a lot more popularity. Unfortunately, not many people know about these shows, and Redditors have touched on some that should get more attention.


Better Ted (2009-2010)

Editor ArchDucky considers the short-lived ABC comedy Better Ted was “ahead of its time and so funny.” The two-season satirical series revolves around the employees of an Amazon company, specifically Ted Crisp (Jay Harrington), the head of the conglomerate’s research and development department.

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Better Ted stands out for its unusual placement within the workplace sitcom genre, as well as nuanced comedic timing in its simplicity. Nonetheless, such humor might not have been perceived consistently by a wider audience at the time of broadcast.

Black Orphan (2013-2017)

Reddit user Valvanio feels that black orphan was “a fantastic science fiction spectacle”. The Canadian biopunk/thriller series revolved around the concept of human cloning and the multiple personalities on display.

This intense and complex show was not as prevalent when it originally aired as the show is rather complex with the storyline and overall premise. Such details are artistically appreciated but may have confused some audiences. However, black orphan is one of Tatiana Maslany’s best roles, which eventually landed her in the lead role in the Disney+ series She-Hulk: Lawyer.

Carnival (2003-2005)

Before American Horror Story: Freakshow, HBO Carnival centered around the performers of a traveling circus carnival. Reddit user Nail_Biterr feels that if Carnival had debuted in 2006 instead of 2003 that “it would have been the greatest show of its time”.

Carnivalit is a complex setting and compelling characters weren’t enough to secure a third season, with HBO ending the series due to budget issues (via ComicBook.com). Given that the show was incredibly complex in its subject matter, this could have resulted in Carnival’s low viewer interest during its initial broadcast.

Los Espookys (2018-)

The HBO Max comedy Los Espookys is the definition of a great show that most people don’t know about, with Redditor Gen_E_Awesome, saying, “no one I’ve spoken to has ever seen an episode.” The Spanish-language series centers on a group of friends who start a horror scenario re-enactment business.

Similar to What we do in the shadows, Los Espookys harmoniously blends elements of horror and comedy. As the show is on a premium streaming service, that may be part of the reason why it’s not as widespread. Despite Los Espookys’ limited audience, the show has been hailed as one of Fred Armisen’s best television roles.

Stop and Catch Fire (2014-2017)

CMA Stop and catch fire is an underrated gem in its own right. The period drama series centers on the rise of personal computers in the 80s and the web revolution of the 90s. Despite huge praise for its concept, Reddit user, braskybeardoesn’t understand how such a fantastic show “wasn’t a bigger hit”.

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The show’s outstanding premise and Technicolor tones make for a truly intriguing series, which could have been its downfall. Stop and catch fire is sophisticated, creating a niche in itself while also being set in a time period that might not have been appealing or comprehensible to a younger demographic.

The Mick (2017-2018)

The weather is always good remains a rewatchable sitcom, but the same can’t be said for Fox’s 2017 comedy series The mic, with Kaitlin Olson. Editor great and stuff praises Olson for “being a classic with his real comedic chops”.

Similar to IASIP co-creator Glenn Howerton’s AP Organic, The mic centers on a conceited and immature adult figure undergoing a moral metamorphosis after being forced to raise her sister’s children. Although the show had strong performances and good comedic timing, the lack of a cohesive story may have caused viewers to lose interest.

Wilfred (2011-2014)

Editor MissAdikia believes that FXX Wilfred was “astonishingly heartbreaking and wonderful”. An American adaptation of the same Australian comedy series, Wilfred revolves around a man (Elijah Wood) and his relationship with his neighbor’s dog Wilfred, who he sees as a grown man and dog costume.

Unlike the Adventures of Elijah Woods the Lord of the Rings character Frodo Baggins, his character Ryan Newman is an introvert struggling with depression. Wilfred thrives in its original presentation while simultaneously incorporating the emotion surrounding mental health struggles. Nevertheless, a show with such complexities is appreciated in its niche but has not been seen as universally appealing.

The Last Man on Earth (2015-2018)

The Walking Dead is the show most often associated with the post-apocalyptic genre. That being said, Fox The last man on earth provides a much-needed comedic touch for the survivalist category. Editor SeamusMcFlurry considers the series to be “one of the most underrated TV comedies of all time”.

An impressive cast really shines as a ragtag team of post-nuclear holocaust survivors, providing both humor and heart. The show’s comedic style has become more goofy over the seasons, in addition to the story becoming a plot within a plot. But that concept may have turned off the audience, who were likely puzzled by the whole storytelling.

You’re the Worst (2014-2019)

Opposites attract story trope can be intriguing, especially when the show’s lovers are not only globally toxic people, but also very self-sabotaging. Reddit user Uninteresting human think FXX series you are the worst is “hilarious and every episode hits.”

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you are the worst follows the blossoming relationship between writer Jimmy (Chris Geere) and publicist Gretchen (Aya Cash) in Los Angeles. The series proves that even those who are doomed to be single can fall in love with the least likely match. Despite Geere and Cash’s natural chemistry and thunderous humor, the two main characters being individually unlikable are unappealing to even the most open-minded audience.

Happy! (2017-2019)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit alum Christopher Meloni showcased his comedic chops in the live-action/animated hybrid comedy-drama Happy!. Adapted from the comic of the same title, Redditor MrMcMole1 I loved that the SyFy series was “funny, dark and very weird”.

The show chronicles the odd friendship between a police detective/hitman (Meloni) and a flying mini blue unicorn named Happy (Patton Oswalt). Happy! gets major props for incorporating such an adorable anthropomorphic character into a very steamy black comedy world while applying darkness to its themes. Alas, the show’s dark, goofy premise wasn’t widely held.

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