10 of the best movies to see in August

10. I Came

Playing a character quite different from those he is known for in Downton Abbey and Paddington, Hugh Bonneville co-stars in I Came By as an arrogant high court judge named Sir Hector Blake. Alongside him, George MacKay plays a Banksy-esque graffiti artist whose specialty is sneaking into the homes of Britain’s wealthiest aristocrats and carrying out unauthorized redecorations. But when he finds himself in Sir Hector’s townhouse in London, he discovers a dark secret that puts his life in danger. Directed and co-written by Bafta-winning Babak Anvari, this Netflix crime thriller promises “classic Hitchcockian suspense via contemporary themes of establishment privilege and corruption.”

Released August 19 in cinemas in the UK and Ireland, and August 31 on Netflix internationally

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