Akshay Kumar Moves From Failed ‘Samrat Prithviraj’ To Release ‘Raksha Bandhan’ Trailer

Whereas Bachchan Panandey & Samrat Prithviraj may not have worked at the box officethat did not deter Akshay Kumar as he has now moved on to his next film Raksha Bandhan.

After the appreciation that his previous collaboration with filmmaker Aanand L Rai, Arangi Re received, Akshay is back to entertain the audience again with Raksha Bandhan, a slice-of-life comedy-drama.

The film is about a brother who had promised his dying parents to find suitable grooms for his four younger sisters before his own wedding.

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The plot of the movie is quite similar to few other movies we have seen in the past like Govinda starrer Joru Ka Ghulam, Mithun Chakraborty Pyar Ka Devta & starring Suniel Shetty Krodh which was a remake of the movie Mammootty with Malayalam Hitler.

Whereas Joru Ka Ghulam was about Govinda finding suitable grooms for Twinkle Khanna’s sisters before he could marry her, the other films like Pyar Ka Devta, Krodh & Hitler were about a single brother taking care of his 3 or more sisters after the death of their parents.

Sharing the movie’s trailer, Akshay Kumar tweeted, “Jahan parivaar ka pyaar hota hai, wahan har rukaavat ka samadhaan bhi hota hai! #RakshaBandhanTrailer is out, watch now. #Return toFeelings #RakshaBandhanAugust 11″.

Check out the trailer below:

A fan tweeted: “A fan wrote: “Highlights for #RakshaBandan movie: √Not a remake, not a biopic or not a sequel √#AkshayKumar and Himesh are back after 9 years √Based on “Dot” and the bond between brother and sister √Makers of Ranjhana, Tanu marries manu 1,2 and ArangiRe √Low budget #RakshaBandhanTrailer”.

Another fan replied to the same tweet and wrote: “Cons 1- akshay back after 2 months 2- clash with lal singh chaddha 3- OTT material jayeshbhai type 4- there are no dowry issues in canada I think”.

A third fan tweeted, “#RakshaBandhanTrailer #RakshaBandhan seems like a really good movie with a warm feeling of brotherhood. The comedy is also good as #AkshayKumar fits the role very well. High expectations. My opinion (4/5)”.

A fan pointed out that he looks like Krodh and wrote, “Copy of 2000s hit Suniel Shetty film Kroadh Block Buster LaalSinghChaddha, Aug 11 winner, but best wishes for Raksha Bandhan”.

Check out the answers below:

The film also stars Bhumi Pednekar, Sahejmeen Kaur, Deepika Khanna, Sadia Khateeb and Smrithi Srikanth.

Raksha Bandhan Akshay Kumar Trailer
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The film is scheduled for August 11, 2022.