Bros Cast Discusses the History of the LGBTQIA+ Community at TIFF with Gay Rom-Com

TS Madison, Dot-Marie Jones, Jim Rash, Eve Lindley & Miss Lawrence Talk Romantic Comedy Filming, Acting & More


We are less than two weeks away from the highly anticipated release of Brothersthe LGBTQIA+ romantic comedy that’s making movie history simply by coming from a major studio. Brothers stars Billy Eichner (american horror story) and Luke Macfarlane (spoiler) as two gay men with very different personalities: While Bobby (Eichner) is more reclusive and likes to be alone, Aaron (McFarlane) is a jock who is always in clubs without his shirt on. In romantic comedies, opposites attract and they fall in love. At the same time, the comedy chronicles the opening of a legendary LGBTQIA+ museum that features board members in every color of the Pride Flag. The film is produced by Judd Apatowwho marked Hollywood history with genre comedies such as The 40 year old virgin and super bad. Brothers is led by Nicholas Stollerwho previously led Forget Sarah Marshall and Neighbors 1 and 2. Stoller is writing the screenplay with Eichner.


Shortly before the film’s world premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, Collider’s own Steve Weintraub sat down with some of the actors from the Collider Supper Suite and Marbl’s Media Studio to discuss comedy and the glass ceiling it’s about to shatter.

The casual, spoiler-free interview featured most of the board members of the LGBTQIA+ History Museum, including Eve Lindley (After Yang), TS Madison (Zola), Dot Marie Jones (Joy), jim rash (Community), and Miss Lawrence (USA vs. Billie Holiday). They all talked about filming, performing, never losing sight of what feels good in a rom-com, prep, having fun on set, and more in a super fun chat.

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Watch the full interview on the video above to hear the cast talk about the Brothers experience, including:

  • Eve Lindley celebrating the entire LGBTQIA+ cast;
  • TS Madison talks about being at the center of a historic moment;
  • Miss Lawrence’s background;
  • LGBTQIA characters and actors are moving away from one-dimensional, comic relief roles;
  • Dot-Marie Jones on what this film means to a seasoned professional;
  • Jim Rash on the historical aspects and the heart of the film;
  • Common tropes of romantic comedies;
  • TS Madison quoting RuPaul and saying to himself: “Don’t give a shit”;
  • Support each other on set;
  • Filming the important opening day scene of the exhibition and how it would feel in real life;
  • How long it took the five of them to shoot all their scenes together;
  • Different worlds coming together in Zoom meetings;
  • How many upgrades have been turned into comedic moments;
  • There “Brothers Comedy Special.

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