Comedian tries to give Herschel Walker condoms on stage after campaign event

A comedian attempted to give Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker condoms on stage after a campaign event.

On Thursday, Jason Selvig of comedy duo The Good Liars appeared on stage alongside Mr Walker at a campaign stop in Macon, Georgia. While there, he attempted to give the former NFL star prophylaxis.

The couple appeared to be talking for a short time before Mr Walker walked away to talk to other people.

The stunt comes after allegations surfaced in recent weeks that Mr Walker paid for and urged a woman to have an abortion twice, despite saying he was pro-life during the election campaign.

Mr Walker allegedly told an unidentified girlfriend to have an abortion in 2009 and then gave her $700 in reimbursement, according toThe daily beast. The woman cited receipts as well as a ‘healing’ card sent by Mr Walker.

The same woman later said The New York Times that Mr Walker ‘urged her to terminate a second pregnancy two years’ after the first. This request prompted her to end their relationship and the couple now share a 10-year-old son.

ABC News’ Linsey Davis asked Mr Walker in an interview after the revelations broke if he had ever had ‘a conversation with this woman…about an abortion?’

Mr Walker said he had not and dismissed the idea that he had ever given her money for an abortion. He went on to insist that the woman was “lying”.

Just hours after the initial story was published, Mr Walker appeared on Hannity on Fox News, saying it was “a barefaced lie”.

Later he doubled for Fox News Digital and again said that “it’s a lie”.

The former footballer has been called a hypocrite on the abortion issue, which he told Fox New Digital is not: “It’s a lie so I’m not a hypocrite.

He later told NBC News that he actually sent the check to his ex-girlfriend, but dismissed the idea that it was for paying for an abortion.

“It’s still a lie because she is the mother of my child,” he said. “I have no idea what it could be. Yes, it’s my check,” he admitted, but added that it was not for an abortion.

“You want me to answer something that’s a lie, and everyone is trying to trick me into answering me,” he said. “Show where I said it is [for] an abortion”.