Dance to Konkani songs in Melbourne

Sep 22, 2022 | 06:22 IST

Dance to Konkani songs in Melbourne

Come September 24th and Goans in Melbourne will be treated to a concert of Konkani songs for the ‘Goan Konkani Musical Show’, bringing a generous dose of nostalgia through golden hits performed by Goans living in Australia.

Goans in Melbourne, Australia will rejoice on September 24 as they not only get a taste of Goa, but can also sing Konkani songs at the ‘Goan Konkani Musical Show’, giving them a sense of Goa and the time. quality. to unite within the framework of the diaspora. This is the second edition of the event; the first was in September 2019, followed by two years of restrictions due to the Covid pandemic. Now, as Australia eases its restrictions, the Goan community has the opportunity to find themselves in the company of good music, comedy and tasty Goan cuisine.

The musical evening, ‘Goan Konkani Musical Show’ will take place at St John’s Church Durkin Hall, Mitcham-Melbourne from 8pm. It is organized by five very active members of the Goanese diaspora in Australia, Mario Carvalho, Josefato Vales, Felipe Dias, Titus Fernandes and Franky Fernandes. The show will be free for children and young people to give them better exposure to the Konkani language and music, while there will be a nominal fee for those over 25.

Mario Carvalho, his wife Cherylanne and daughter Yolanne have lived in Australia for over two decades, but their love for Konkani keeps them connected to their roots. Currently on a medical internship, Yolanne will also join her parents on stage playing the saxophone for the show while Cherylanne coordinates the logistics of the organization. Mario’s first musical performance in Melbourne Konkani took place in October 2010 as part of “Konkani Cultural and Heritage Incorporated” (KCHI).

“There will be 24 songs that will be performed. Some will be composed for the occasion but most of the songs will be Alfred Rose classics. The evening is dedicated to Alfred Rose, a musical genius and we are also planning to have a special presentation on the life of Alfred Rose as this year marks his 90th birthday. The show will include solos, duets, trios and even a Mando, ‘Agonn Ami Kell’oli’. There is also a skit presented by Titus, Melville, Felipe and Ursula,” explains Mario, originally from Margao in Goa.

Besides the Carvalho family, a number of musicians and singers will feature Konkani music, including Josefato Vales, Sarojini D’Sa, Myline Vales, Jovan Vales, Serene Sequeira, Melville Telles, Arnaldo Afonso, Venessa Afonso, Titus Fernandes, Ursula Fernandes, Claudia Sequeira, Felipe Dias and Sanio Fernandes, who will be the only singer coming from abroad.

Josefato Vales was once part of Chris Perry’s band and he instilled the same love for music in his two children, Jovan and Myline. Together they have been involved in musical events since moving to Australia around 15 years ago. Josefato himself has been the backbone of almost every event from Goa to Victoria as he writes music and even teaches young children in Goa. “An event like this gives Konkani music lovers an opportunity to showcase their talent in a faraway land far from Goa. The response was overwhelming. Melbourne,” says Josefato.

Titus Fernandes from Canacona is a music lover, dancer and loves to travel, meet people and learn their cultures and traditions from all over the world. Ursula Fernandes works in the civil service and loves music and dancing. The husband-wife duo of Vanessa and Arnaldo Afonso of Betalbatim, hail from a musically talented family in Goa and have gone on to sing and show their talents at the Konkani Music Show in Melbourne as well as shows organized by the Goan Overseas Association of Victoria.

Felipe Dias from Siolim is the driving force behind this Konkani musical show and takes to the stage singing and performing in a short Konkani sketch. “The Goans of Melbourne, Victoria need a dose of Konkani music once a year, the last two years due to Covid-19 there was not much we could do but this year the music show of Konkani has all the ingredients for the true Goan experience – songs, duets, mandos and comedy sketches for everyone,” says Felipe.

With her roots in Vasco, Franky Fernandes now calls Melbourne her home. “I think Melbourne, Victoria has the largest Goan population in all of Australia. There is definitely an opportunity to promote the Konkani language here. When a Konkani music show with a large number of performers takes place, it is a matter of prestige that the Goan diaspora works to promote the Konkani language in the world. Another highlight of the show will be Australian Kath Mae who will sing Konkani’s popular song, ‘Lisboa’, originally sung by Lorna Corderio,” says Franky.

Goan musician and singer, Sanio Fernandes will travel from Dubai to Melbourne to perform at the ‘Goan Konkani Musical Show’. This is the second time he has traveled to the country for a show. “I am grateful to the Goans of Australia for inviting me for the second time to perform in Melbourne. Dev Borem Korum at the Niz Goenkar in Melbourne, because it is your love for Konkani and your pride in your identity that creates this platform for Konkani singers like me who are always trying to learn and improve and help take our music from Goa to better heights.When I perform abroad and meet our Goans who are working hard there, it reminds me to work harder and be more humble as we continue to serve our global community with our donations. My prayer is that our music will bring us together in hearts and minds,” says Fernandes , who will perform three new original songs in addition to other songs.”Songs like ‘Pavsachea Tempar’, ‘Tin Kallzam’, ‘Pordeshi Goenkar’, ‘Bailek Respet’, ‘Xezari’ will be sung based on crowd requests. “, add- he.

A longtime migrant to Australia, Sarojini D’Sa, is considered Melbourne’s “Nightingale of the Konkani stage”. Originally from Tivim, she comes from a musically gifted family. She is also a singing sensation on YouTube, with songs in Konkani, Portuguese, English, Fijian and Hindi. “I’ve been singing in Melbourne since 1992. I feel overwhelmed to sing for this Konkani musical show, we’ve been waiting for this for a long time, but for the past two years due to Covid-19 it couldn’t happen. September 24 is a day Melbourne will long remember,” says D’Sa.

The stage is set for the highly anticipated Konkani Musical Show and each attendee is eager to perform at their best before the Goa Diaspora in Melbourne.