Five romantic date ideas in Brisbane for this week, from budget to blast

Tired of the classic nightly movie and dinner combo? U.S. too. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new things to do, scouring the city for non-boring activities in Brisbane – ones that are guaranteed to take your next date way beyond the beers made before. at pub. Whether you’re taking someone on a second date or going your 100th with your partner, we’ve got some awesome (and, yes, cute) ideas for dates this week, no matter how much money you have. spend. Just think of us as your cultural wingman. You’re welcome.




In the near future, Herston’s Victoria/Barrambin Park is set to look quite different, thanks to plans to transform the site into a 64-hectare destination with a treetop gazebo, water play ravine, high ropes course, a mountain bike path, rehabilitated water holes and wetlands, and a community edible garden. And, in September, Brisbane City Council revealed a new draft preview of what it should look like.

The huge redevelopment will completely reshape the patch of greenery near the RBH – and if you and your significant other want to experience more on a day on the grass, BCC is hosting a discovery day in the park. But discovering your future hangout is only part of the fun, thanks to everything from live music to rock climbing.

Head in between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 22—entering from Gilchrist Avenue—to relax on the lawn, listen to music, browse the market stalls, and enjoy bites to eat from the food trucks.

Also on the program: lawn games, kite making, boomerang painting, mini golf and more – some for children, others for everyone, including the little ones. Admission is free and whether you want to bring your own picnic is up to you.




Escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes be as simple as escaping into a vibrant art installation – in Brisbane at least in recent years. In recent times, River City has hosted multi-sensory exhibits by Van Gogh, recreations of the Sistine Chapel, giant kaleidoscopes you can walk through, inflatable spaces and more, all aimed at getting you out of your routine and into a most wonderful and dazzling place.

The latest event to join them: the mindfulness pop-up installation Dream, which takes the light part of this type of activity to heart. Located on the ground floor of the Wintergarden shopping center in the Queen Street Mall until Sunday October 30, it is filled with over 20,000 lights, which play an ambient soundscape.

An array of colors also shimmers through the installation, with different experiences on offer as the pop-up runs. On the program from Wednesday October 19: “Summer Solstice” and “Deep Space”. Each time you pass, you’ll soak up the soothing vibrations of outer space in 90-second bursts – including beanbags – and strive to drift away from your daily ebbs and flows.

The only caveat: To enter, you and your favorite person must first spend $10 each at the Wintergarden, then show your receipt to walk around. Dreamthe darkened arch. It’s a good excuse to go shopping, of course.

Also, if you are photosensitive or react to strobe lights, Dream has flashing LEDs – so take that into account before you go.




Since establishing its local base in 2019, BrewDog has been serving plenty of cold Brisbanites, with the Scottish beer giant making this sunny city its Australian home. During this period, you and your loved one have probably sat by the river and knocked down the company’s beers – but at its annual Collabfest festival, you’ll be encouraged to try yeast-leavened bevvies. other breweries.

From Thursday 20th October to Sunday 23rd October, this weekend-long event will celebrate beers from four other South East Queensland beer companies. In 2022, Parched Brewing, Revel, Froth Rookies and Bacchus Brewing are getting some love, and the chosen locations are still brewing new (and unique) beers for the occasion too – so expect to taste something you’ve never seen before. never drank before. On this list: a Monte Carlo biscuit ale, a hemp IIIPA, a coco cream pie sour and a hopped Saison.

Also, there are two parts in the shindig. First, it all starts with a Thursday night launch, which is obviously when the party starts. Then, until Sunday, you can drop by and drink the Collabfest beers whenever you want.

Although BrewDog does a lot of collaboration with other brewers, this festival is just an extension of its current approach. Already, his DogTap bar serves other Sunshine State drinks — but when it comes to beer, any excuse for a party will do.




Everyone loves a comedy fest, but sometimes being so spoiled for comic book choice isn’t just fun, it’s overwhelming. That’s where comedy festival showcases come in. They add laughs to the lulls between annual festivals, and they offer a small sample of the up-and-coming comedians you might not have seen live yet.

Coming to Brisbane Powerhouse on Saturday 22 October, the Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase certainly promises both – serving the brightest and most newsworthy performers from the 2022 event, which took place in the port city earlier in the year. ‘year. If it’s hilarious highlights you and your plus one are looking for, then this is the place to get it.

This year Cam Knight, Luke Heggie, Mandy Nolan, Jacques Barrett and Cameron James are all on the bill, ready to tickle your funny bone. Also doing the honors: RAW Comedy winner Alexandra Hudson.

Catch them now during shows at 5 and 8 p.m. at the Powerhouse Theater — and for just $39 — before putting their solo gigs on your must-see list for the 2022 festival circuit.



Most years, the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center becomes a culinary and alcoholic wonderland for three jam-packed days. A dedicated cheese aisle, wine almost as far as the eye can see, an array of food and drink stalls serving up samples – yes, that’s it.

That’s the Good Food and Wine Show in a nutshell, with the next event taking place in the city from Friday, October 21 through Sunday, October 23. If you and your partner have been before, you’ll be itching to go again. Basically, it’s the Ekka of food and wine, just minus the rides, dodgems and goldfish.

Each year’s show pulls in big numbers; think: 250 producers, more than 600 wines to taste and more than 60 types of cheese this year. It also dedicates an entire section to a section dedicated to smaller Australian producers, so you can share some love with local outfits. Among the culinary stars making appearances: Miguel Maestre, Matt Moran, Justine Schofield, Silvia Colloca, Brendan Pang and Sammy Jakubia.

Some workshops and masterclasses are chargeable; However, if you just want to wander around and enjoy some samples, don’t worry – it’s all included with regular admission.

A word from the wise: you’ll be eating and drinking all day, but make sure you have a light breakfast beforehand. Stomach lining is always a good idea, and you’ll thank us later.