HBO Max teases four original series at San Sebastian panel


Ahead of the streamer’s October 26 arrival in Spain, representatives of several shows commissioned for HBO Max from WarnerMedia gathered at the San Sebastian Film Festival on Sunday to preview their shows, which are expected to arrive on the platform on the day or so. after its launch.

Four series were presented at a full-capacity press conference held at the Kuursal Conference Center in San Sebastian, the main hub of the Spanish festival.

The first was “Todo lo otro”, a launch on the day of the release of HBO Max with multi-trait Abril Zamora who writes, directs and stars in the story of a group of thirty-something living in Madrid who have reached the age. adult and found themselves alive. different from what they had dreamed of. Playing the main protagonist of the series, Zamora takes on the role of Daphne, pushing middle age, recently single and with a shitty job. To complicate matters even more, she falls in love with her best friend, who himself has difficulty motivating and orienting himself in his adult life.

HBO’s Miguel Salvat, Steve Matthews and Antony Root produce with production services provided by Campanilla Films, a Mandarina company.

“One of our obsessions, and mine in particular, is to try to do things that have never been done before,” Salvat told Variety after the sign. “In the case of ‘Todo lo otro’, the series was created by Abril, who is transgender, just like his character. But that’s not the topic of the show at all, it’s not even a topic in the show. The show is pretty much about a group of friends, and one of them is transgender. “

Todo lo otro
Credit: Credit: David Herranz

One of the most anticipated titles announced on Sunday is Season 3 of the award-winning TBS-now-HBO Max comedy “Venga Juan,” titled “Vota Juan” and “Vamos Juan” in seasons 1 and 2 respectively. Continuing the story of its main protagonist Juan Carrasco (Javier Cámara), an unfortunate government official high above his head when quickly promoted up the government ladder. Corruption and bribery are rife, although this is not the case with “House of Cards” as the politicians of “Venga Juan” are barely capable and often find themselves with their backs to the wall when the going gets tough. go wrong.

“Venga Juan” is produced by WarnerMedia and Mediapro Studio’s 100 Balas, with The Mediapro Studio providing production services for HBO Max.

It remains to be seen whether a show already in its third season can attract new audiences abroad. But, with a star-studded cast and universal themes that audiences almost everywhere can relate to, there’s reason to be optimistic.

“Outside of Spain there is also political corruption, but I think the public will be amused by the humor inherent in this type of Spanish corruption, so shabby and cheesy compared to elsewhere,” Salvat said.

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Venga Juan
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Announced in May this year, HBO Max’s biggest bet in Spain so far is “Garcia!”, Based on a popular series of graphic novels by authors Santiago García and Luis Bustos that features a cryogenic 60s super spy , thawed and immersed in today’s Madrid.

A previously unseen teaser of the series has been screened by series creators and writers Sara Antuña and Carlos de Pando and director Eugenio Mira, featuring breathtaking action-laden scenes from the past and present and featuring a black aesthetic that matches the two periods of the series just as well.

“Garcia! is produced by Salvat, Matthews and Root, and features international brands of the action-comic genre mixed with a Spanish story that could prove a recipe for success among fans of genre films and television.


Adapting the Australian comedy format “No Activity,” which also received a popular American multi-season adaptation on CBS, “Sin Novedad” was the last show teased on Sunday morning. In total, six actors took turns on stage to describe their offbeat adaptation of the series which revolves around three partnerships: two dispatchers, two detectives and two criminals, all of whom are waiting for the same shady deal. down. However, as the night wears on and nothing happens, the partners begin to share stories with each other, revealing personal secrets and well-kept stories.

Half a dozen of Spain’s most popular comedians: Arturo Valls, Carlos Areces, Pilar Castro, Adriana Torrebejano, Toni Acosta and Omar Banana, star, with other high profile cameos promised throughout the series. It is directed by Rodrigo Sopeña (“La hora de José Mota”) who, together with Álex Mendíbil (“Camera Café”), co-wrote the series.

Salvat and Antonio Trashorras produce for HBO Max with Clara Nieto for Warner Bros. ITVP Spain, which also provides production services.

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Sin Novedad
Credit: David Herranz