‘Love Island’ narrator Iain Stirling on UK-US dating shows

In the UK, the voice of comedian Iain Stirling is a summer staple.

His Scottish accent is a signal that the hit dating show ‘Love Island’ is back on TV for several weeks of near-daily episodes in which thin, able-bodied young Europeans date each other in a Spanish villa while being filmed. every minute of the day.

While the series is well into its eighth season overseas (and streaming in the US on Hulu), the US iteration of the show will also return this month – with a few changes.

“Love Island” USA, which previously aired six days a week on CBS, will now air almost nightly on Peacock starting July 19 with a new cast of islanders who hail mostly from the United States. It will look and sound a little different, with two new stars at the helm: actress Sarah Hyland will host, and Stirling will do voice-over narration for the first time.

This means Stirling will remotely write and narrate the two shows, which film and broadcast in near real time, simultaneously.

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Who says “Love Island?”

Comedian Iain Stirling, who did the voiceover for all eight seasons of "the island of love" in the UK, will tell "love island usa" for the first time in 2022.

Iain Stirling, 34, is virtually synonymous with ‘Love Island’ UK, having lent his voice to all eight seasons that have aired since 2015. This will be his first time voicing a show overseas.

Even before ‘Love Island’ USA began filming, the BAFTA-winning comedian – who is married to British show host Laura Whitmore – realized that some of the jokes and phrases that are the The UK show’s bread and butter won’t translate for US viewers.

“I think the hardest thing will be the language,” Stirling told The Arizona Republic. “I don’t even know what you call it if someone assaults someone. I don’t even know what you would say. What do you call it in America when a boy attacks you?

For those who don’t know, “mug off” means to make someone stupid through deception or abuse, especially in a romantic relationship.

Here’s what else Stirling had to say about joining “Love Island” USA and his thoughts on how “Love Island” UK Season 8 was going.

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How Iain Stirling will juggle ‘Love Island’ in the US and UK

Question: You are an amazing storyteller, and I love listening to you every day on ‘Love Island’ in the UK. And now, with two shows, we’ll listen to you about 12 hours a week.

Answer: The people who are in “Love Island”, they are for the long haul. I get paid, and even I’m like, “That’s a lot of ‘Love Island,'” but that’s great, right?

Q: You must be incredibly busy. I’m afraid to ask you what your schedule is. How are you going to make recording both shows work with your life?

A: It’s a bit wild, and I’m very lucky because the folks at Peacock are kind of very aware of how complete it is, and they’ve done everything to make it possible for me to do that and kind of doing things like, you know, sleeping and seeing my family and eating, things like that.

Everything is in Los Angeles for the American series, except for the writing staff.

We basically have two huts side by side, and me and Mark (Busk-Cowley) will write the British one. And then the second we finish recording that, we go into the US room – I was going to say office, but that sounds too good – and go into the US box. We’ll help these guys write what they’ve written so far and kind of let them know what we’ll and won’t say.

And then we learn stuff, like Americans don’t know what a transplant is! I discovered this today.

(Grafting means courting or flirting with someone to get them to like you.)

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Why Voice USA’s “Love Island” Is Different From UK Voice

Q: Your jokes and jokes are so uniquely British. Will you need to study American geography and culture?

A: I think – and I’m sure Americans know this – but literally, like, half of our News Feed is American news, American politics. If you go to the politics section of the BBC website, half will be devoted to American politics.

Culturally, I think everything is fine. All TV shows, I sort of get it. Sports, I don’t understand. I don’t understand. Basketball is cool. But why isn’t football the best sport? It’s crazy; it’s the best game. It’s so good.

I think the hardest thing will be the language in terms of, like, I don’t even know what you call it if someone assaults someone. I don’t even know what you would say. What do you call it in America when a boy attacks you? What would you say? I would not know.

Q: Does he make me look like a fool?

A: It’s not nearly as good, is it?

(Phrases) like “assaulted” didn’t exist before “Love Island.” So hopefully America can kind of invent its own vernacular and come up with our own little phrases and make it feel unique, you know what I mean? I would love to be assaulted by an American (version of) and so on. So we’ll see how it goes.

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The islanders mingle and clash in challenges that have no real stakes when paired up in the villa.  Those left unmarried after the recoupling ceremonies are usually expelled from the island.

There’s no shortage of drama to tell

Q: Do you ever not know what to say, or do the islanders really provide all the gear you might need?

A: Generally speaking, we are OK. But yeah, there are definitely days, especially if a couple has been together since the very beginning, not much has really happened, like they’re pretty solid.

For example, take Gemma and Luca (in the UK show). Well, that’s actually not a good example because Luca works at a fish market, so it’s, like, trust me: I could do this all day.

But, you know, like a couple that hasn’t really gone through any hardships and they’ve been together since week one, and you get to, like, week six and you’re like, ‘I can’t afford to say, “Here are those two people” in a funny way.

Generally speaking, there is always something going on. There’s always something going on that makes it, you know, vaguely humorous.

The American cast of ‘Love Island’ is ‘insanely beautiful’

The starting cast of the reality TV show "the island of love," which airs six days a week on Peacock during the summer of 2022.

Q: Have you had the opportunity to see the American cast?

A: I literally saw pictures. I always try not to see anything because I just want to know about people what’s being said on the TV show because that’s the only thing I can joke about.

I noticed that they are crazy beautiful. Like the British, they are really beautiful. But it’s, like, crazy.

Islanders Who Cause Drama Make ‘Love Island’ Storytelling Easier

Q: Do you tend to have a favorite islander? Or do you like them all the same?

A: I think everyone brings different things and there are also different reasons to like them, you know what I mean? So there are people that I like as a person watching the show, like, I think someone is really adorable or cool or funny.

And then there are people I love as a narrator because they cause drama. Or, I don’t know, they work at a fish market, for example, and then you’re like, “Oh, these people are awesome because they make my job so much easier.”

(“Love Island,” British contestant Luca Bish sells fish for a living, and Stirling has no shortage of puns about it in Season 8.)

So I kind of have two hearts, kind of like the fan – I’m such a big fan of the show – and then I’m (also) the voice-over guy who says, “We need some jokes today today.” Some people are just funny, and you think, “Yeah, that was easy.” And others are more difficult.

Q: I’m glad you didn’t reveal any spoilers, as I think in the US we’re maybe two weeks behind the UK episodes.

A: Oh my God. Well, how far are you? Has Joe Biden already entered?

Q: I missed that. Can’t believe it wasn’t spoiled for us!

The men and women of the villa take part in the "love island games" challenge in season 3, airing in summer 2021.

The trick to doing voiceovers for US viewers: “Speak a little slower”

Q: So you’ve done over 300 episodes of “Love Island” UK. Do you feel ready for this new frontier? Do you need anything else to prepare for this new American season?

A: I just need to speak a little slower, that’s all. I practiced speaking more slowly. I don’t think my accent is difficult to understand. Some of the islanders, like the Welsh and Essex people, stuff like that, they’re really tough. I don’t think I’m as difficult to understand as them.

I’m really trying to do my best with clarity, to slow things down, to make America work a little less hard to understand me, basically. Other than that, I can’t wait to go.

Q: I can’t wait for American viewers to know more about Iain Stirling.

A: Hey, America: I’m picking you up.

How to Watch ‘Love Island’ Season 4 USA

“Love Island” USA Season 4 airs on Peacock beginning at 6:00 p.m. MST on Tuesday, July 19.

The show will air new episodes at 6 p.m. MST Tuesday through Sunday; Saturday episodes will be recaps including unaired clips.

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