Netflix fires employee as Dave Chappelle comedy drama heats up


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Netflix bosses have fired an employee who leaked confidential data regarding Dave Chappelle’s controversial new comedy special, The Closer.

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Bloomberg editors used the information in a report on Wednesday, revealing that the chief executives of the streaming platform had spent US $ 24.1 million on comedian’s The Closer and $ 23.6 million on Sticks & Stones, Chappelle’s previous stand-up show for Netflix, which aired in 2019.

And on Friday, a representative for the company told The Hollywood Reporter that the staff member was fired for leaking the numbers.

“We fired an employee for sharing confidential and commercially sensitive information outside the company,” the statement said. “We understand that this employee may have been motivated by disappointment and hurt by Netflix, but maintaining a culture of trust and transparency is at the heart of our business.”

Netflix bosses have come under fire for airing a comedy special that pokes fun at the LGBTQ + community and three employees who publicly attacked the decision were suspended earlier this week.

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Also on Friday, Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby, whose 2018 Netflix comedy special Nanette was a huge hit, joined the growing chorus of disapproval over comments from platform boss Ted Sarandos in support of the Chappelle’s show, in which the comedian endorses views on transgender people, which the LGBTQ + community and its allies deem offensive and transphobic.

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Sarandos and his fellow executives in charge of the streaming service also refused to delete the special.

Hannah shared a screenshot of a note she wrote to Sarandos in which she went on a rampage: “You haven’t paid me enough to deal with the real-world consequences of dog whistling. haters that you refuse to acknowledge, Ted. F *** you and your cult of the amoral algorithm … I do fuck with more spine than you. It’s just a joke ! I definitely haven’t crossed a line because you just told the world there isn’t.

Sources from The Hollywood Reporter also suggest that around 1,000 Netflix staff, who identify as transgender or support the trans community, are planning a virtual outing on Wednesday, to further protest the move by Sarandon and his fellow executives of support The Closer. .