Netflix’s ‘The Curse of Bridge Hollow’ Trailer Released

Probably most recognized for her role as Erica with a “c” on Netflix stranger thingsthe trailer for Priah Ferguson’s first holiday-themed comedy, The Curse of Bridge Hollow, just fell. Original title Boo!, this film follows a young girl (Ferguson) moving to a small town that loves Halloween (much to the chagrin of her very rational father). Things get a little too weird when a magic item in its new home (formerly the property of a man notorious to the townspeople) brings some inanimate objects to life.

While Halloween remains my favorite holiday, there were a few decorations that got taken down every year growing up, I wondered… what if they came to life? One such target of my anger was a white skull with glowing red eyes who sat in the living room and laughed when I approached. Obviously, my anxiety eased when I discovered the concept of motion-activated decorations. Although nothing in the trailer happens to me, it gives Halloween the nostalgia of movies made in the 90s/00s. movies like Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus where strange things are said to happen in seemingly quaint towns across the northern United States that experience the four distinct seasons.

In addition to Ferguson, movie star Marlon Wayans plays his father alongside Lauren Lapkus (as mayor) and Rob Riggle (as the currently unnamed himbo neighbor.) Plus, your eyes haven’t fooled you. The mom role is none other than R&B superstar Kelly Rowland. Although I didn’t catch her in the trailer, IMBD notes that Nia Vardalos (My Fat Greek Wedding) is also in the cast.

by Netflix The Curse of Bridge Hollow releases October 14.

(featured image: Netflix)

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