Sarah Adams is angry when Jack Duncan invades her privacy on A Place to Call Home

Sometimes the hardest part of people’s lives can be finding a place where they really feel comfortable and at peace. This is certainly the case with the protagonist of the Australian television series “A Place to Call Home”. The main character, Sarah Adams, played by Marta Dusseldorp, returns to her native Australia after World War II, after spending 20 years abroad in Paris, in order to start a new life.

The award-winning period drama, which premiered in 2013 on Australia’s Seven Network, is now streaming on the Drama channel on Filmon TV. The final episode of “A Place to Call Home” will air on Filmon tonight from 9:40 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. local time. It can be watched live or recorded and viewed later.

The third episode of the first series, titled “Truth Will Out”, was written by Trent Atkinson and directed by Lynn-Maree Danzey. The episode follows Sarah as her annoyance at the invasion of her privacy turns to anger when she is questioned by Jack (Craig Hall) about what was discovered in her room.

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