STREAMING WARS: Emmy Nominations Reflect Television’s Golden Age

Sometimes you have to take a break and marinate in the good stuff that came before. When the 2022 Emmy nominations rolled in on Tuesday, I was struck by how lucky we’ve been over the past year.

Golden Age is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but as I sifted through the nominees for the 2022 Emmy Awards, category after category, it was clear we had a fantastic season of TV dance on our smartphones, tablets and televisions. .

Looking at the list (web link – it’s hard not to notice how Succession completely topped this list with their 25 nominations. (web link –

The corporate drama, starring Mark Strong, Brian Cox, Sarah Snook and more talented people is available on Crave. The third season hit the streamer on October 17th and the hype surrounding its orbit finally convinced me to dive in (web link – netflixs-red-avis-is-a-self-parody-that-does-terribly-terribly-wrong-while-succession-we-crave-is-a-delightfully-soapy-drama-worth-watching- 100660241/). I’m glad I took the leap.

It’s everything you want a good, meaty drama to be. It’s complex, sexy, intense and has wonderful drops of quirky humor and an ensemble cast that’s both likeable and terrible. There’s also an incredible amount of punch behind it, gravity and power that pervades. One of my colleagues summed it up well: “every episode feels like a finale”.

I expect Succession to do well, however, with many actors and actresses from the show flooding the categories, it could lead to some surprises at the awards show. Anyway, you owe it to yourself to watch this series. We don’t know when season four will release, but production began in June, according to the Succession Instagram account, so we could likely see the season release sometime in 2023. Plenty of time to catch up.

Hunt for Emmy nominations

Indeed, the best place to catch up on most Emmy-nominated shows seems to be Canada’s Crave, our home for HBO and HBO Max content. Despite the relatively high cost (starts at $9.99/month for its mobile-only plan and $19.99/month for Crave Total), it’s hard to deny that Crave has the goods.

Sure, the UI is still one of the most obtuse in the business and they’ve only recently started rolling out 4K content, but hey, they’re getting there. The main reason they’re easy to recommend is their licensing partnerships with Warner Bros./HBO, where most of the award-winning content comes from.

Another series to check out on the service racking up nominations includes the Zendaya Euphoria vehicle, which I tried, but it’s extremely unsettling, so I didn’t stick with it. There are also several series that I wanted to watch and will probably add to my queue, including Yellowjackets, where a group of high school kids survive a horrific plane crash and do what they can to save themselves. make it out alive, Barry, a dark comedy about a hitman who tries to become an actor but can’t shake his past and Hacks, about a Las Vegas comedian who hits the road with a young outcast.

Brendan Hunt and Jason Sudeikis monitor the team's progress in Ted Lasso.  The first season is now streaming on <a class=Apple TV Plus. – APPLE ” data-enhance=”true” src=”” srcset=”,, 847w,,, 1694w”/>
Brendan Hunt and Jason Sudeikis monitor the team’s progress in Ted Lasso. The first season is now streaming on Apple TV Plus. – APPLE

Take a bite out of the competition

Another observation I’ll note from the nominees is just how well Apple has done, despite its relatively small content pool. Ted Lasso and Severance, who I’ve talked about in previous columns, picked up multiple nominations, including Best Comedy Series and Best Drama Series respectively.

Ted Lasso is second only to Succession with 20 nominations this year. Many weren’t sure if Apple would be able to break through with their streaming service, but with that and the Best Picture win at the latest Oscars for CODA, it’s fair to say they’re a force to be reckoned with.

That’s not to say Netflix was left with nothing, Squid Game, their most popular series of all time, received nods for Best Drama and certain acting categories as did Ozark – that, friends, I’ve tried many times and just can’t.

Selena Gomez, Martin Short and Steve Martin star in Only Murders In The Building, a new comedy-mystery series on Disney+. DISNEY

And from Disney+ Only Murders In The Building (Hulu in the US) did well, despite Selena Gomez being snubbed and Abbott Elementary (also a Hulu property) is also on my radar as a new comedy on the workplace to investigate.

But I still have to hand it over to Apple. I admit I wasn’t sure they really intended to make Apple TV+ a real deal that could rival the big streaming networks. Turns out I was wrong.

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards will take place in Los Angeles on September 12 at 9 p.m. PT.