The best shows on Stan, you should binge immediately


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Stan has put together some of the best TV shows on his platform since it launched in 2015.

The streaming service has something for everyone, from the latest TV show in the US to locally funded Australian content.

Chances are, you’ve forgotten what great content is already available on the platform, so we’re here with a list to remind you of the best shows on Stan.

Top Shows on Stan


Picture: Stan.

Hacks took the world by storm with a stunning performance by Jean Smart who plays a legendary Las Vegas comedian.

With 15 Emmy nominations in 2021 and a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, you’ll easily get lost in all ten episodes of this dramatic comedy.

Watch the first season here.

Kill Eve

the day before the murder
Image: BBC America

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is one of the most talented writers working in Hollywood right now and one of her biggest gifts to us has been Kill Eve.

The series adapts Luke Jennings’ book about a deadly cat-and-mouse game between a sharp M15 spy and the deadly assassin she’s hunting down. It’s very entertaining, funny and captivating from start to finish.

Watch it here.

breaking Bad

It’s hard to find a show that has more ground (pun intended) over the past 15 years than breaking Bad. The award-winning crime drama follows Walter White’s descent into villainy, from high school chemistry teacher to drug lord.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul give the performances of a lifetime as Walt and Jesse, a duo who find themselves in some of the craziest situations you’ve ever seen. If you haven’t given breaking Bad suddenly, it’s never too late.

Watch all five seasons on Stan.


Television earth

Younger takes us into the competitive world of publishing as single mom Liza returns to work at 40, pretending to be 26.

Comedy, drama and love triangle that will make you hashtag Team Josh or Team Charles are all waiting for you in Younger, just know that you may quickly lose all your free time because of its seven seasons.

Watch the seven seasons here.

Wolf creek

Image: Supplied

One of Stan’s first original scripted series was a TV sequel to the classic Australian horror Wolf creek.

The series quickly put an end to the serial killer premise by following a young American college student who seeks revenge on sadistic killer Mick Taylor for murdering his family.

Watch both seasons here.


Yellowstone best shows on stan

Yellowstone stars Kevin Costner as a sixth generation rancher who owns one of the largest family estates in the United States.

Add in the corrupting influence of oil and logging companies, developer land grabs, unsolved murders, land lines and shifting alliances between families and you have the makings of a very dramatic American series.

Watch all three seasons here.


unreal tv show best shows on stan

Have you ever wondered what goes behind the scenes on your favorite reality TV shows like The single person? Well, that’s probably not exactly what’s going on in Unreal but the series draws on the actual experiences of the producer working on the series. Do what you want with this information.

Essentially, Unreal follows the power dynamics between the cast and crew of a Bachelor-style reality show, and the extreme efforts they will go to creating a TV series.

Watch the four seasons here.


power best shows on stan

Power follows James “Ghost” St Patrick, a New York nightclub owner who secretly moonlights as the kingpin of one of the city’s most powerful drug networks. While Ghost wants to leave his criminal life behind, the world has other plans.

The crime drama is so popular that it has sparked two spinoff series: Power Book II: Ghost and Power Book III: Raze Kanan, which you can both catch on Stan.

Stream it here.

The daring type

the daring guy, streaming this weekend, netflix
Image: Supplied

The daring type is one of those shows that will make you feel like you’re going out with friends. The core trio of Kat, Jane, and Sutten who are just trying to be good at their jobs at one of the best women’s fashion magazines is quite relevant to millennials.

The show is funny and modern, and deals with social issues in an insightful yet light-hearted way. The daring type is the perfect show after a long day where you just want to be entertained.

Watch the five seasons here.

Buffy the vampire slayer

Buffy is ready for your Halloween frenzy

When you think of cult classic ’90s TV shows, you (should) think of Buffy the vampire slayer and Stan houses it all.

As the Slayer who was chosen to fight the forces of darkness, Buffy was one of the first female action heroes on television. Between hellish demons, brooding vampire boys and longtime friends, there’s a lot to love Buffy still today and it’s never too late to become a fan.

Watch the seven seasons here.


sherlock best stan shows

There have been a lot of iterations of Sherlock Holmes over the years, but if there is one you have to watch his BBC Sherlock.

With Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as the Holmes and Watson Dream Team, Sherlock is a bold contemporary take on the master detective.

Watch it here.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Handmaid's Tale
Credit: SBS

Hulu adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s classic novel The Handmaid’s Tale garnered both enthusiastic praise and immense unease from critics and the public.

The dystopian drama is a grim take on what a future might look like where mass infertility led to a theocratic dictatorship taking over the United States. It is difficult to watch and difficult to deflect.

Watch the first three seasons here and if you’re looking for season four, you can find it here.


heels on stan
Image: Starz

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a complete newbie, there’s something for everyone in the new wrestling drama, Heels.

The series stars Stephen Amell (Arrow) and Alexandre Ludwig (Vikings) like two rival brothers in the ring, one face and one heel.

It’s a family affair at heart as the brothers fight to keep their late father’s wrestling business going in the small town of Georgia, but there is also a lot of wrestling action going on.

Watch it here.


best shows
Image: Stan

If you like your period dramas with a comedic side, then Great is for you.

The series comes from Australian writer Tony McNamara who won an Oscar nomination for his equally funny screenplay for The favourite.

If you liked this movie, you’ll find a lot to like here. The Great stars Elle Fanning as Catherine who dreams of being the Queen of Russia, but must first take care of her husband, her son, Peter.

A second season of the show is on its way and in the meantime you can catch up with season one here.


Image: AMC

Everyone loves a good graphic novel adaptation and Preacher is one of the best.

The Supernatural Adventure series stars Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, a small town preacher who sets out to find God with a 119-year-old Irish vampire by his side. And that’s just the start of all the crazy things going on in Preacher.

Watch it here.

These are just some of the best Stan shows you can watch right now. Oh, and if you’re looking for a movie to watch, also check out our list of the best Stan movies.

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