The Way Of The Househusband Would Be A Perfect Video Game, Listen To Me

During my lunch break, I decided to watch a few episodes of one of my favorite anime, The Way of the Husband at Home.

It’s one of my favorites for many reasons. It’s goofy, it’s silly, and it’s also hilarious. I love Tatsu and I love how much he cares about his career wife, Miku. As someone always looking for content for gamers, this got me thinking: The Way of the Husband at Home could be a very good video game.

Of course, we already have the like a dragon series. It’s true, and you could draw many similarities between the two series. The lighter moments we see in like a dragonwhere our protagonists can be seen driving slot cars and singing karaoke, are some of the games highlights.

When I imagine what The Way of the Husband at Home would be like a video game, the serious tone of like a dragon comes to mind. Considering a lot of the anime series’ comedy is how Tatsu tackles daily tasks with the vigor of a yakuza boss, that seems fitting.

But on top of that, I think using life simulator mechanics like Shin-chan: Me and the teacher on summer vacation as well as mechanics mom who cooksall related to the serious moments of the like a dragon the series would end up doing The Way of the Husband at Home as good of a video game as it is an anime.

This thought process, which was built with tireless work within my expanding mind palace, made me think of you. Sure, I have an idea that could be worth millions, billions, and even trillions of dollars, but why aren’t we all getting creative?

Is there an anime or cartoon that, with the right ideas, could make for an absolutely perfect video game adaptation? I would like to know, I carry my heart and my soul here.