Thornton and Wenham join ABC’s SeaChange Stakeholder Meeting

Amid the fanfare and nostalgia of the ABC’s two-hour 90th anniversary event, hosted by Tony Armstrong, Zan Rowe and Craig Reucassel, are two very special cast reunions.

Sunday age and The Herald of the Sun can reveal that, with a big gig reunion, original change of the sea Actors Sigrid Thornton and David Wenham will remember the steamy and sometimes infuriating romance between Pearl Bay magistrate Laura Gibson and cafe owner Diver Dan, which ended in 2000 with the third and final season of the ABC series. Wenham did not return for Nine’s 2019 reboot*.

SeaChange Meeting – Sigrid Thornton, David Wenham, Kevin Harrington, Kerry Armstrong.Credit:

“We’re very relaxed in each other’s company,” says Thornton. “David would say that translated to the screen. That’s what happened when we sat down together again. We just shot the breeze. Those are happy memories. We had this beautiful walking around in a beautiful environment sharing time with people we loved and doing creative work there was something alchemical about the way it hit all of us at the right time in our lives and the extraordinary material that (series creators) Andrew Knight and Deb Cox introduced us to. We all jumped into the sandbox with joy every day. It was a joy.

Kevin Harrington, whose role in the 1998 series as trailer park owner and incompetent handyman Kevin Findlay helped him break into television from live theater, has fond memories of his filming time. on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula. In ABC 90 Celebrate!he reunites with Kerry Armstrong, who played the mayor’s uptight wife, Heather Jelly.

“I had never been a regular cast member on television before,” says Harrington, who later appeared in the 2000 film The dish and Neighbors. “We could tell it was fantastic in terms of the colorful nature of the characters around the drama. I had never seen that (on Australian TV) before.

He remembers a “collegiate” atmosphere at the national channel.

Diver Dan (David Wenham) and Laura (Sigrid Thornton) shared a steamy and sometimes infuriating romance on SeaChange.

Diver Dan (David Wenham) and Laura (Sigrid Thornton) shared a steamy and sometimes infuriating romance on SeaChange.Credit:ABC

“There was more work going on simultaneously (at ABC) than there was on the other channels. A group of people were on the payroll all the time, so they knew each other so well and there was a great sense of camaraderie between them and the cast and crew. They went from project to project and they had a good sense of togetherness and sensitivity. I remember working on another channel and it was very vulgar and cynical, whereas the ABC was nicer and softer with the actors.

change of the sea was an opportunity for Thornton to spread its wings beyond the “corsets and crinolines” of The Snowy River Man and All the rivers flow. It was also one of the earliest examples of comedy-drama on Australian television; the role of Laura Gibson – a divorced woman struggling with a midlife crisis – was an unusual female lead.