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Toronto comedian Duane Goad is looking forward to exploring parts of the West Coast he’s never seen before with his longtime friend John Beuhler and hopefully causing a laugh.

The pair will set off on the five-day Big Beast Comedy Tour which will take them through central Vancouver Island and across the Salish Sea to Sechelt. The circuit passes through Qualicum Beach on October 19, Port Alberni on October 20, Nanaimo on October 21, Lake Cowichan on October 22 and Parksville on October 23.

“We should have called it the Shining Fronts Tour,” joked Goad, adding that he and Beuhler had been friends for more than two decades.

Goad, who appeared on Comedy Central and shared the stage with Flight of the Conchords, Jim Gaffigan and Bill Burr, said he and Beuhler originally met in Edmonton where Beuhler was hosting a show and attempted to start an improvisation segment with him.

“I say, ‘OK, John, get us started.’ And John is like, ‘Looking back on it, I think we’re pretty [bad] improv, so maybe we should just end the show here tonight,” and I looked at John, and I said, “never try to mess with me, kid. And we laughed about it and had a lot of fun after that,” Goad said.

Besides touring, the two comics also collaborate on a YouTube series called Movie Bullies, in which they “take big movies up a notch or two.”

They have provided a comedic narrative to films such as Titanic, scarface, The boy in the plastic bubble and Relayand Goad said they were looking to do a segment on Commando soon.

In early September, the pair shared the stage at Yuk’s Yuk’s Comedy Club in Surrey, where Goad credits designing Beuhler’s upcoming tour.

Playing in smaller towns, he said, is nostalgic for him as he once lived in Hope, Chilliwack and Abbotsford before moving to the United States.

“I’ve only played Victoria once, and that was six or seven years ago… For me, it’s almost like a tourist week, like a little vacation,” he said. he stated, adding that he often felt compelled to “bring the goods and really deliver” for a smaller audience.

As the “adult” in between, Goad said he and Beuhler approach comedy differently.

“Just being married and having a kid is a whole different whole than what John does, which is good… If you’re single and with your buddies, you’ll like John. If you’re a married couple, or grandparents, or whatever, you can understand what I’m doing,” he said. “You might look at us and think ‘oh, that’s exactly what the world needs, two straight white guys complaining.’ But I think we’ve found a way to work together, where whatever your comedy style is, I think you’re going to get it from both of us… At least, I hope so.

Goad and Beuhler will each perform a set at Terminal Bar, 63 Victoria Cres., on Friday, October 21, between 7 and 9 p.m.

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