Writing comedy isn’t easy, says comedian Amit Tandon: The Tribune India


Hi, I’m Amit Tandon, produced by my mother, directed by my wife… It’s a joke that works every time, everywhere for him. The IIT Delhi mechanical engineer has enjoyed the corporate stint while it has lasted and is currently enjoying the jet set beat as he embarks on a world tour. Right after finishing the Australian leg, he performed in India before resuming touring in Dubai, Canada and the United States. Masala Sandwich – his India tour takes him across the country. Known for his clean acts, Tandon is popular with different generations. How does he connect with the different age groups? “I just try to tell my story, somehow people relate to my stories. Coming from a middle class Indian family, some are my observations. Some listen to it as their story , children probably listen to it as their father’s story.

Child’s play

While her observations flow into her actions, a lot comes from her interactions with her children. “I spend a lot of time with my children, it is reflected somewhere. Second, we may not realize it, but relationships remain the same from generation to generation and across the world. There are the same problems between a father and his son, and a mother and her son everywhere.

This weekend brings him to the area and Tandon is kicked out of his first show in his home town – Patiala. He will perform in Ludhiana on Saturday and in Chandigarh on Sunday. So, does it adapt according to where it occurs? “Region-specific is a very small part. In fact, writing a comedy is not easy. It takes about five or six months to write and shoot any show.

Tandon’s world tour began with a bang; he had sold-out concerts in Australia. “It’s been fun so far. I’m looking forward to Dubai, Canada, the United States and if the visa works in Europe as well. People are craving live shows, it’s good times,” says -he.

The good proceedings

Tandon’s comedy show Good Night India has completed 126 episodes; he adds, “It was pretty amazing. We were signed up for 102 episodes. But I was told that comedy doesn’t work on TV except for Kapil Sharma’s show. Then we did well and the production house gave us 24 more shows. We just finished the first season. That we can bring clean stand-up comedy with over 100 performers is a feat in itself. The production house gave me creative freedom and the people gave us a lot of love. In addition, he embarked on writing shows and films. “I now want to split the time between stand-up comedy and other writing projects.”

Rules he set for comedic acts? “The first rule is that the language must be clean. Much of my content is pure observation. Lately I’ve been trying to choose what I want to say. So the new hardware is much more honest. Masala Sandwich has many opinions, honest stories that go beyond mere observation.

City connection

Born in Patiala, Amit Tandon spent quite a bit of time in Chandigarh. Sector 17 and Lake Sukhna remain his favorite places to visit. “Chandigarh is beautiful and the trips to the hills of Shimla I will always remember. I would probably come there when I retire, take one of the big houses with bigger lawns and call Chandigarh home.